The Australian Craft Beer Survey Returns

June 23, 2017, by Crafty Pint

The Australian Craft Beer Survey Returns

Want to understand more about the beer world we live in? So does the team at Beer Cartel. A year on from the first Australian Craft Beer Survey, they're back with the 2017 edition, aiming to see how tastes are changing and create a better understanding of where craftier Australian palates sit.

The 2016 survey was completed by 6,500 people – you can read the results here – making it by far the biggest study of its kind in Australia. As with all such studies, it will become more useful over time as they are able to plot trends.

This year's survey has been altered slightly, with some questions removed and others added. The Crafty Pint was invited to offer some input too and some of ideas we put forward have been incorporated.

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Beer Cartel director Richard Kelsey said this year's survey will provide a gauge of consumer sentiment towards craft beer ownership and the issue of independence.

“There has been significant coverage in the media of late about the role big breweries are playing in craft beer, with a number of buy-outs in Australia and overseas," he said. "Plus on top of this the Craft Beer Industry Association (CBIA) recently changed its constitution, voting to remove large brewers from its membership and changing its name to the Independent Brewers Association. 

"We’re taking an open view going in and will let beer drinkers decide on their opinion towards this."

The results of the survey, which should take around five minutes to complete and will remain open for the next month, will be made public later in the year.

If helping create a picture of the contemporary craft beer market isn't incentive enough, Beer Cartel has put up a prize of $500 to spend on craft beer for one lucky participant.

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