#keepinglocalalive Is Live!

March 22, 2020, by Crafty Pint

#keepinglocalalive Is Live!

The #keepinglocalalive campaign, which is designed to encourage people to support their local beer community and showcase how businesses are adapting, is now live.

You can find out how to support and promote the campaign here, with promotional assets available here and free for anyone to use.

The Australian beer, hospitality and events industries face an unprecedented threat from COVID-19 so, in the face of this global pandemic, how can we keep them alive?

The potential fallout is becoming clearer every day: put simply, in a world where casual employment is high and cash flow is tight, many businesses at the heart of their local communities may not survive.

If you can afford to help #keepinglocalalive in any way, please do. And be safe while doing so!

If you have anything you'd like added to the #keepinglocalalive pages, whether that's information on how a local business is adapting or resources for our Ideas Pool, please get in touch via email.

For some background on the campaign, see this article.

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