The Crafty Planner: October 15 to 21

The Crafty Planner: October 15 to 21

October 16th, 2012 by Crafty Pint

For many people, any planning involving craft beer this week is going to be centred around which events to hit up at Sydney Craft Beer Week. With our sixth preview going live on the site today and our seventh and final one up tomorrow (nice work, Nick O, on the most exhaustive body of work since Tolstoy decided the words “War” and “Peace” sat rather nicely together. Also continuing to party its way around the country is the Mountain Goat 15th birthday tour (is anyone joining us for the boat ride to Goat Island?) while we’re not yet out of Oktoberfest season.

That said, there’s still time for new beer launches, dinners, fundraisers and more. So head to the Events Diary here if anything below takes your fancy. Or, if you’ve anything in mind you’d like to add, flick the details to and we’ll get on the case.

All Week
* The month long Germanic shenanigans that are the Ok-to-beer-fest at Sail & Anchor head into their third week.

* The Goat Army heads to Tassie for a Triple Hightail-flavoured knees up at the New Sydney Hotel.
* AG from Mornington Peninsula Brewery is showcasing his new Imperial range of beers at The Local Taphouse St Kilda for their latest Ale Stars session.

* Holgate are pouring free beers at Slowbeer as they launch the first beers to go into new 500ml packaging.
* Cam and Dave take their 15th birthday tour to the Pinnacle in North Fitzroy.
* It’s the annual Beer Dinner at the Lord Nelson in The Rocks.
* While fellow Sydneysiders 4 Pines are guests at the Junction Beer Hall in Melbourne.

* Hot on the heels of the release of their Hop Bazooka, Southern Bay head to The Alehouse Project to pour that and some other specials or punters.
* It’s time for the good people of Adelaide to show their appreciation for the Goats as they hold fort at The Wheaty.
* Quaff beers for a good cause at Sydney’s Amber Affair.

* The Goat Army lands in Freo to spread their brand of hairy love at Clancy’s Fish Pub.
* While up in Bendigo a selection of their latest and greatest are pouring at a degustation at The Dispensary Enoteca.

* It’s Oztoberfest time at Feral. * And Oktoberfest time at the Junction Beer Hall.
* Sydney Craft Beer Week kicks off its nine days of action.
* While in the Victorian High Country, Bright Brewery hosts its Spring Beer Appreciation session. * And The Crafty Pint boards a boat to head down a crocodile-infested river in NT to bring craft beer to the frontier with the Mountain Goat crew. Hopocalypse Now…

* The Central Coast Craft Beer Festival hits, you’ve guessed it, the Central Coast.
* It’s day two of the Oktoberfest at the Junction Beer Hall.
* And day two of Sydney Craft Beer Week.

Have fun, wherever you’re headed…

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