Time To Rise Up!

Time To Rise Up!

February 21st, 2014 by Crafty Pint

With less than 24 hours to go until the first Craft Beer Rising kicks off across Australia, there’s little left to be said. Thanks to all of the brewers and venue owners across the country who have put in effort to create an event for the day – a total of 97 Risings across the six states seems a pretty good result for an idea that popped up a few months ago to give the local industry we love so much a fun, little boost.

There’s some really colourful and creative things taking place tomorrow – live brews, sporting events, new brewery and beer launches, a hunt around Hobart, special offers and much more. A fair few places have embellished their original concepts over the past couple of weeks too so make sure you check back in to the website if you haven’t recently. It’s a shame we’ve had to postpone our trip to Newcastle, where we hoped to celebrate with a Pint of Origin Blind Tasting Double Header at the Grain Store, but they have lined up some incredible beers and fantastic brewers for what will be a great day as part of Newcastle Craft Beer Week.

The Crafty Pint team will be out and about calling into what events we can across the country – wearing our Craft Beer Rising T-shirts with pride, of course. Not quite sure how the pink one on the three-year-old Crafty Pot will be received, but what can you do?

If you haven’t yet decided how you will be raising a glass in celebration of our fantastic local brewers, their beers and the venues that support them, then you can find the latest state-by-state listings here:

Don’t forget we are offering up prizes for the best photos submitted to Instagram tagged with #CBR14. If anyone takes up our challenge to head to their nearest crap beer venue with a bottle of their favourite Aussie craft beer to donate to the manager and then gets a photo of him or her enjoying it, we reckon they’re in with a damn good chance of a prize.

So, have fun tomorrow. Feel free to drag (sorry, gently cajole) potential craft beer converts along for the ride. And enjoy the fact that the beer culture we have in Australia now is as wonderful as it is.

Huge thanks once again to the sponsors who have made this possible – Grain Store, Bintani, Hop Products Australia, Cryermalt and Good Beer Week – and to Code Create for the website and Andy Shaw for the awesome artwork.


The Craft Beer Rising Manifesto

Here are some ideas on how you could spend the day…

  1. Head to your nearest brewery and share a beer with the brewer.

  2. Go to your nearest participating venue pouring all Aussie beer for the day and join in the fun.

  3. Take a trip down Memory Lane with the first Australian craft beer you ever enjoyed.

  4. Gift a bottle or glass of your favourite Aussie craft beer to a mate who claims they don’t like beer.

  5. If all your local venues sell crap beer, gift the landlord a bottle of your favourite Aussie craft beer and suggest they get with the program.


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