The Women of Beer

The Women of Beer

December 3rd, 2010 by Crafty Pint

As quality, flavoursome craft beer makes ever greater inroads into the old order of bland, fizzy lagers, the world of beer is becoming less and less a male preserve. Cast your eyes over the Australian craft beer industry and you’ll find female brewers, drinkers, bar managers, brewery owners and beer writers. So, to mark the advance of women in beer, several of the leading ladies in Victoria’s craft beer scene are coming together for a unique event at next year’s Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, presented by Sydney-based beer writer and dinner host Kirrily Waldhorn, aka the Beer Diva.

They’re taking over the grandiose surrounds of Thornbury Theatre on March 4 next year for what promises to be a very special evening. Kirrily will present her popular show – a journey through the lighter side of the history of beer and brewing – and will be joined by five guests presenting beers from their breweries. They are:

Jayne Lewis, head brewer at Mountain Goat
Karen Golding, co-owner of Red Hill Brewery
Nardia McGrath, brewer at Bridge Road
Beth Walkenhorst, co-owner of Hargreaves Hill
Sam Füss, head brewer at True South

“Beer is still misunderstood, despite its growth in recent years,” says Kirrily. “Even though beer is entrenched in Australian culture we happily muse on the lexicon of wine, but fail to appreciate the amazing complexities and diverse styles offered by beer. And the unjust prejudices and stereotypes surrounding this nectar still prevail.

“Beer is often seen, wrongly, as the domain of overweight, aggressive, bearded, belching, football-loving men. Not an image likely to seduce foodies, sophisticates, or women into wider experimentation and adoption – but they’re missing out on so much pleasure. It’s time to tear down these misconceptions!”

There’s one show only, from 9pm to 10.30pm (doors open 7pm for dinner). Tickets cost $40 for the show & beers. If you’d like dinner beforehand that must be booked separately at an extra cost. To make a booking, visit the Thornbury Theatre website.

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