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Christmas Comes Early

Christmas Comes Early

When you’ve grown up in the Northern Hemisphere, hot Christmases take some getting used to. It seems strange to have spangly decorations hanging above high streets and wrapped around lampposts; stranger still that Aussies send Christmas cards with snowmen on them… In real ale pubs arou…

December 2, 2010 by Crafty Pint

Hop Rocking The Boat

December 1, 2010 by Crafty Pint

It’s almost two years since Alpha Queen from Boatrocker first appeared in Aussie bars and bottleshops and turned heads with its highly hopped aromas and full flavours. For a debut release by a new brewing company (founder Matt Houghton doesn’t have his own brewery yet so has beer made to…

Draughting A New Style

November 30, 2010 by Crafty Pint

It did seem a little odd – at least it did if you were able to stop admiring what a good beer it was to focus instead on its name: Draught Ale. In a bottle. The brewers knew it was a little odd too, but as victims of their own success they went with it anyway. Until now, two years on from the …

The REAL Ashes

November 29, 2010 by Crafty Pint

It turns out the five match series that’s just kicked off at the Gabba is merely a warm up for the real thing; the battle before the war. It’s on Australia Day next year that the gloves come well and truly off – for the third annual Brewers versus Winemakers cricket match. After v…

H100: Yarra Valley Brewers

November 26, 2010 by Crafty Pint

The Yarra Valley is known globally for its wine and, in more recent years, has been developing a reputation for beer too. Once home to a single brewery – Buckley’s in Healesville – it now has four: Hargreaves Hill, formerly of Steels Creek, now brews in Lilydale and operates a love…

Beer & Travel: Ashes Special

November 25, 2010 by Crafty Pint

You can tell the Ashes are about to start. Not because of the rabid press coverage both here and in the UK or the arrival on TV of Warnie, which one Twitterer has suggested is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. No, it’s because Stone & Wood have already had to send emergency Draug…

Oscar's Turns Two

November 25, 2010 by Crafty Pint

It turns out that if you build it, they will come. After all, if someone had told you a few years ago they planned to open a craft beer bar on the edge of the Yarra Ranges – in the home of Puffing Billy to boot – you’d have wished them good luck and hoped they had the money to lose…

Mixing On The Mount

November 24, 2010 by Crafty Pint

The genie’s out of the bottle: beer cocktails have reached the hills! Just weeks after Crafty revealed Beer DeLuxe had launched a range of beer cocktails, some using beer as an ingredient, others featuring hop-infused spirits, Kelly’s in Olinda has announced plans to introduce a beer coc…

Howling At The Moon

November 23, 2010 by Crafty Pint

First, a reminiscence. Back in June, while following the exploits of the Beer Ambassadors as they toured America’s craft breweries, Crafty had a thought: “Someone in Australia should set up a brewery that only makes ridiculously out there beers. They should sod the 4.5% pale, the wheat b…

Calling All Brewers

November 22, 2010 by Crafty Pint

In 2010, most of the major awards went overseas, so now it’s time for Aussie brewers to try and bring the trophies back home. Entries for the 2011 Australian International Beer Awards open next month (December 10), giving our homegrown brewers the chance to pit their beers against the finest f…

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