Beer for Bushfire Relief


Huge thanks to everyone who has rallied in support of the unprecedented crisis unfolding across Australia. It's been remarkable to witness the enthusiasm and ingenuity throughout the beer world and beyond; to think we were just trying to help the guys at Future Mountain connect with others to give their own fundraising efforts more impact...

We'd love to try to get an approximate figure for funds donated from events and drives throughout the beer industry, both on January 18 and, if possible, before and after that date. As such, we've created a couple of simple forms. 

If you have put on an event on January 18 (or, in some cases where that wasn't feasible, the date closest to it) please fill in the first form.

If you've held a fundraiser in support of bushfire relief at another time – and we know there have been scores of them well before the #beerforbushfirerelief banner was launched – please use the second. This includes any ongoing campaigns

If you're fundraising on both the 18th and other days, please fill in both.

Once more, thanks again for this incredible and heartening response. With the Resilience Beer project set to go global, it's a reminder of how valuable "community" is within the beer community.

January 18 Events

If other than Beer For Bushfire Relief

How did you go about raising funds for bushfire relief?

Please enter a dollar amount.

Other Beer Fundraisers

How did you go about raising funds?

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