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Dollar Bill Triumph At The Australian International Beer Awards Again

Dollar Bill Triumph At The Australian International Beer Awards Again

Tiny Ballarat operation Dollar Bill, who specialise in barrel-aged and wild ales, have claimed Champion Australian Beer at the Australian International Beer Awards just two years on from their first triumph.… read on

The Australian International Beer Awards At 30 – Part II

The Australian International Beer Awards At 30 – Part II

In part two of our mini-series marking 30 years of the Australian International Beer Awards, we invite some of those with long and significant involvement to share their memories and photos, and trace just how much it's changed.… read on

Who Brews As The Thirsty Messiah?

He might not be the Messiah, and he may be a very naughty boy. What we know for certain is that Thomas… read on

The Australian International Beer Awards at 30

The country's biggest beer competition, the Australian International Beer Awards, takes place for the… read on

Ziebs' Final Letter From America

In the last of his Letters From America, posted as he awaited a boarding call in LAX, Will Ziebell reflects… read on

Australian Beer Industry Diversity Survey 2022

The first Industry Diversity Survey was carried out by Beer Agents For Change in 2021. The group, which… read on

Blackflag's GABS Beer Raises A Red Flag

The name and branding of a new release from Blackflag Brewing has come in for criticism from inside and… read on

Letters From America: Aussie First-Timers

More than 10,000 attended the 2023 Craft Brewers Conference, among them a number of Australians. Will… read on

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Modus Beer

Modus Beer

The more things change, the more they stay the same. That’s as true at Modus as it is anywhere. If you’ve been following their journey since the beginning, you’ll have seen… read on

Urban Alley Brewery

As Australia’s local beer scene continues to spread its wings and encroach ever more into the mainstream,… read on

Thunder Road Brewing Co

Of all the breweries to appear on the Australia landscape in recent times, it's fair to say none arrived… read on


Beer DeLuxe

Beer DeLuxe

As the name suggests, this bar in the heart of Melbourne’s Federation Square has always offered solace for the beer aficionado. But it really started to come into its own as a craft… read on

Black Hops Brisbane

There’s no denying Black Hops is a Gold Coast brewery: the sunshine and surf and laid back… read on

Blackhearts & Sparrows Braddon

Over the course of a decade, the siblings behind Blackhearts & Sparrows have opened a string… read on

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White Labs
White Labs

Started in 1995 by Chris White, White Labs is an international company that specialises in liquid yeast… read on

Craft Instinct
Craft Instinct


East Coast Canning: Mobile Canning & Packaging Supply
East Coast Canning: Mobile Canning & Packaging Supply

Australia's first mobile beverage canning service x5 CODI counter pressure mobile canning lines All… read on

Splatt Engineering Group
Splatt Engineering Group

Splatt's offer a range of services for craft breweries including machinery supply, repairs,… read on


Brew In A Tropical Paradise

Matso's unique drinks are distributed widely across the country, but their story started out in…

read on
Local Brewing Co Are Hiring For Their Taproom

Local Brewing Co finally threw open the doors of their Clifton Hill taproom earlier in the year and have…

read on
Hawke's Brewing Co Seeks Sales Rep In Melbourne

The brewing company launched in partnership with Bob Hawke is looking to expand its footprint in Melbourne. Hawke's…

read on
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