Valhalla Brewing Enter VA Citing Major Drop In Hospitality

Valhalla Brewing have become the latest indie operation to enter voluntary administration, citing a significant drop in patronage at their venues. Owner Scott Hunt says they hope to remain in control of the Geelong-based business.

The Breeders Bringing New Brewing Yeasts To Life

In June, brewers given a new yeast to play with called LalBrew Pomona. To find out how new yeasts like this hybrid come to life, we chatted to one of its creators at Escarpment Laboratories in Canada.

Suburban Scoop SA's Best Beer Trophy For 2024

The Suburban Brew claimed Most Outstanding Beer In Show at the 2024 Royal Adelaide Beer and Cider Awards. The champion brewery titles went to Pirate Life (Large) and Barossa Valley Brewing (Small).

The IBA & Fermentis Launch A Quality Program

The Independent Brewers Association ​has a stated goal of seeing quality independent beer everywhere. Now, to help them achieve that goal, they've partnered with Fermentis by Lesaffre to create their Quality Program.

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Joe White Farewell Veteran Maltster Jeff Harwood

​Joe White is saying goodbye to their Ballarat malthouse's longest serving employee, Jeff Harwood. Jeff started working at Joe White at the age of 17 and has spent the last 50 years working across the operation.

Just Wines Buys Beer Cartel And Brewquets

Beer Cartel and Brewquets have been bought by Just Wines. We chatted with co-founder Richard Kelsey about the sale of one of Australia's pioneering beer retailers.

Indies Champs Join Forces For Best In Show Collab

Champion brewers from the 2023 Indies awards have joined forces to create a beer showcasing their combined talents ahead of this year's awards in Perth. Best In Show – a "Hoppy Hazy Wheat" – is on sale now.

Perth's Pioneering Dutch Trading Co To Close

One of the country's leading beer venues is set to close in August. The Dutch Trading Co has been a bastion of all things beer in WA since June 2015, but will be replaced by a new venue with a focus on wine and cocktails as well as beer.

Betting On The Beerfarm

Following their purchase of Feral's Perth site, Beerfarm have made it clear they're looking to expand nationally and see more of their beer exported. We chatted with the brewery's directors about their long-held plans for growth.

Independent Brewers Association Launches New Website

The Independent Brewers Association (IBA) has launched a new-look website at the start of a busy few weeks for the body representing the country's indie brewers.

Local Brewing Family Buys 4 Hearts Brewing

​4 Hearts Brewing and Pumpyard Bar have been bought by the local family behind Stony Creek Brewing. Mick Wüst spoke to those involved about what it means for the longstanding Ipswich operation.

2024 Mid-Year Report – Shift Happens

The first six months of 2024 have been brutal for beer, putting even the turbulence of 2023 in the shade. Here, we take stock, examining where the industry finds itself and where it's heading.

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Heaps Normal Start Their Just Say No To Water Campaign

Ahead of a month where many look to cut back on alcohol, Heaps Normal are back telling Australians to "Just Say No To Water".

Capital Brewing Buy Batlow Cider

Capital Brewing have announced the acquisition of Batlow Cider. It's a fitting​ move given the two share a close working relationship and Capital have been pouring the cider since they opened their brewery.

Brewmanity Named Official Beer Of The Melbourne Demons

Brewmanity have been named the official beer partner of the Melbourne Football club for 2024. It's a fitting partnership given brewery co-founder David Neitz's long and storied connection with the club.

The Secret Brewer: Voluntary Administration Part II

The people running some of the breweries to have been through voluntary administration over the past 12 months, as well as the CEO of the IBA, respond to concerns raised by The Secret Brewer.

WA's Brew Moon Rises Again

A unique COVID era collab between 21 breweries and a distillery in WA has borne fruit for a second time. Four years after dozens of kegs were turned into a fundraising spirit, Brew Moon Rising reappears as a whiskey.

The Secret Brewer: Voluntary Administration

Voluntary administrations have become a defining feature of the beer world over the past two years in the face of unprecedented economic challenges. Here, one brewer discusses the repercussions on the wider industry.

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