HPA Eclipse Past Years In The 2023 Hop Harvest

As they release their 2023 crop report, we spoke to Australia's largest hop grower, Hop Products Australia, about their faith in their latest commercial variety, Eclipse, what's on the horizon, and the wider world of hops.

Ferveo's New Form Of Yeast For Brewers

Ferveo is a yeast company that's been working with Adelaide brewers for some time before officially launching with an innovative range. Here, Tommaso Watson tells us about his journey from winemaking to wort-wrangling.

Beer Grows Here: The Devilbend Farm

The paddock-to-plate philosophy runs deep on the Mornington Peninsula and myriad wineries let you enjoy a glass while looking at the vines that were the source of your enjoyment. Devilbend Farm Beer is a new brewery that is growing its own grains, hops and plans to make estate ales.

Six Craft Beverage Manufacturers Form A New Alliance

Six companies have come together as Lotus Beverage Alliance: Alpha Brewing Operations, GW Kent, Twin Monkeys, Stout Tanks and Kettles, Brewmation and Automated Extractions.

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South Sydney Oktoberfest 2023 B
Infusion Malt: Belgian Innovation, Aussie Roots

Malt doesn't tend to elicit the same excitement in craft beer circles as hops or even yeast yet it sets the stage for all beer. A recent innovation looks set to boost excitement levels, however, and driving it is an Australian brewer.

Bootsy's Business Of Beer

This year has been a challenging one for breweries large and small. Nick Boots is a longtime industry member eager to support indie breweries, which has led him to launch The Business of Beer. We got in touch to find out what he's planning.

So Fresh: The Rise Of WA's Hop Growers

The South West might be best known for wine and beaches, but now it's not just the brewing community that's growing fast: these days the region has multiple small-scale hop growers making an impact on the local beer industry.

TWØBAYS Get Indie Beer Into The MCG

Indie beer can be found at the MCG in time for the 2023 AFL season thanks to the gluten free brewers at TWØBAYS with their Pale Ale ​cans available in all the stadium's bars.

Abbl: For Local Brewers From A Local Brewer

Typically, brewers like to make beer but, day-to-day, running a brewery can involve doing everything else. Abbl is a new brewery management software designed to help cut down on paperwork, designed by a small brewery.

High Country Hop Technical Symposium – The Presentations

Ahead of the 2023 High Country Hop festival, Bridge Road Brewers put on a Technical Symposium sponsored by the Independent Brewers Association. We MC'd and recorded the day, and you can listen to all of the sessions here.

Six String: Ten Lessons From Ten Years

It wasn't easy for Six String to open the doors of their Central Coast brewery but, ten years on, their local community seems lucky to have them. Here, we invite founders Chris and Sharon Benson to reflect on their first decade of beers.

Range Go Out On The Patio

Range Brewing have a brand new Brisbane venue on the way, going by the name of Patio. We chatted with the team to find out about their plans for Paddington as well as their soon-to-open barrel room and function space.

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Bright Winter 2023
Tribe Avoid Liquidation, Strike Deal Involving Kathmandu Founder

Tribe Brewing has avoided liquidation, with creditors approving a deal that will see just five cents to the dollar paid to unsecured creditors. The proposal was brought by a group led by the Elsie Cameron Foundation and VBS Investments.

Exit To Exit The Beer Industry

Nine years on from announcing themselves to the world with the first of many saisons, Exit Brewing are exiting the beer industry, stating they're no longer in a position to be competitive or viable in today's challenging market.

The IBA Put The Spotlight On Finding Indie Beer

The IBA has launched a new awareness campaign to help drinkers better identify indie beer. We chatted with the person leading the charge within the organisation about the campaign and the research behind it.

The Boxer and the Brewer

A veteran brewer with an overflowing trophy cabinet is now at the helm of Boxer Brewing, started by a winery on Mount Tamborine. Take a deep dive into what can happen when a champion brewer and winemakers rub shoulders.

Asahi To Close Green Beacon's Geebung Production Brewery

Asahi today announced they would be closing Green Beacon's production site in Geebung, with the brewery's production moving to other Asahi sites and their original Teneriffe brewpub.

Bintani Introduce Nut Bars To Their Pallets

Few love unloading a pallet and Bintani have made that job that little bit easier by hiding Carmen nut bars inside their own. The idea follows a long history of BSG employing the practice and here is the media release announcing it and letting brewers know how to get involved.

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Cryer E