Modus Team Up With YouTube & Podcast Creators For Trash Taste Pale Ale

February 28, 2024, by Media Release

Modus Team Up With YouTube & Podcast Creators For Trash Taste Pale Ale

Modus Brewing have teamed up with the hit podcasters and YouTube stars Trash Taste, to collaborate on Trash Taste Pale Ale. 

The Tokyo-based content creators are dedicated to all things anime, gaming and fandom but have a deep love for beer and food too, which is where Modus came in. 

To find out more, the full media release is available below. 

Media Release: International Youtube Stars ‘Trash Taste’ Team Up with Independent Aussie Brewer ‘Modus’ to Unveil Their Epic Beer: Introducing Trash Taste Pale Ale!

Trash Taste, the dynamic trio of YouTube personalities known for their hot takes, epic adventures, and incredible video content, is breaking into the brewing scene with an exciting announcement – Trash Taste Pale Ale! 

Crafted in collaboration with Modus Brewing, Trash Taste (a.k.a ‘the boys’) invites fans to embark on this epic brewing journey with them. They can expect a beer that mirrors Trash Taste’s wide range of experience and many years of judging the world of Food, Alcohol, Gaming, Travel and Nerd Culture. Now is your chance to make your own hot take, is this beer triple-S tier awesome? Or do the lads really have Trash Taste? Spoiler alert. It’s the first one. 

Pre-order starts 24th of February on with the dispatch expected in April 2024.

Available for the first time, exclusively in Australia, Trash Taste Pale Ale is not just a beer; it's a celebration of the eclectic world of gaming, anime, and fandom. Embracing their nerd and gamer roots, the Trash Taste boys are inviting new and old fans to join them in this latest adventure. 

You can place your pre-order right now at To stay updated on Trash Taste Pale Ale and other exciting announcements, follow Trash Taste on their YouTube channel: Trash Taste.

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