Upcoming Events

Over the past few months, The Terminus has hosted a series of occasional showdowns whereby ten different Victorian brewers will come in, take over the beer garden and fight it out (in a friendly sort of way) to determine the state’s best producer of different styles, anything from ···


A few years back, we launched Craft Beer Rising, a national day in celebration of local beers from local brewers at local bars. The idea was to remind people to support their homegrown brewers at a time when many beer bars were tapping vast amounts of imported beer.After a couple ···



Run The Boatrocker Barrel Room

The Boatrocker Barrel Room is one of the most special places to enjoy a beer in Australia, with a 15 ···

Full Time Brewer Wanted At Mornington Peninsula Brewery

Mornington Peninsula Brewery has developed a reputation for brewing quality core and specialty beers ···

Awaken The Soul By Working With Akasha

The Akasha Brewing Company hasn't yet been operating two years but, with beers like the Fire Within, ···