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We're Launching The Crafty Pint Podcast

Fourteen years after we set out on a mission to cover the Australian craft beer scene, The Crafty Pint is launching a podcast. You can view a trailer now, with the first full weekly episode published in late July.

The Story Of: Red Hill Imperial Stout

When it comes to beers that are both cherished and have staying power, few compare with Red Hill Brewery's Imperial Stout. As we make our way through the depths of winter, here's the founders with the tale of how it came to be.

Closing Loops And Brewing Shrooms – Australia's Most Sustainable Beer?

Breweries love to collaborate and many are putting greater focus on brewing more sustainably. Now a new project in SA is exploring just how green brewing can be.

Mash Gang Australia: No Alcohol, No Limits

"Forever experimenting." The non-alc beer space hasn't always been associated with the broadest of choice, but Trenno of Mash Gang Australia is on the case, playing with new styles and creative ingredients with each brew.

Valhalla Brewing Enter VA Citing Major Drop In Hospitality

Valhalla Brewing have become the latest indie operation to enter voluntary administration, citing a significant drop in patronage at their venues. Owner Scott Hunt says they hope to remain in control of the Geelong-based business.

The Breeders Bringing New Brewing Yeasts To Life

In June, brewers given a new yeast to play with called LalBrew Pomona. To find out how new yeasts like this hybrid come to life, we chatted to one of its creators at Escarpment Laboratories in Canada.

Suburban Scoop SA's Best Beer Trophy For 2024

The Suburban Brew claimed Most Outstanding Beer In Show at the 2024 Royal Adelaide Beer and Cider Awards. The champion brewery titles went to Pirate Life (Large) and Barossa Valley Brewing (Small).

Who Brews Breakwall Beers?

We first met Chase Saraiva when he was head brewer at Wildflower, chatted again as he launched Lora Brewing, and now he's here in a third guise, leading all things beer at Breakwall Brewing in Narooma on the NSW South Coast.

Crafty Crawls: Adelaide's CBD Breweries

Adelaide CBD's compact nature makes it a great location for a Crafty Crawl. Here, we a stroll through the half dozen brewery venues that call the area home, ending a hop and a skip from the Adelaide Oval.

Courtney Plowman Slays Beer

Courtney Plowman has loved wine since she could legally drink but a local bar sparked a passion for craft beer and the community surrounding it. For our Slays Beer series, we invited Courtney to tell us about her path into the industry.

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WA Beer & Brewing Conference 2024 2
Just Wines Buys Beer Cartel And Brewquets

Beer Cartel and Brewquets have been bought by Just Wines. We chatted with co-founder Richard Kelsey about the sale of one of Australia's pioneering beer retailers.

Brewski To Close After A Decade Of Beers

"Want it to be a celebration of what we created, not a woe-is-me story.” Brisbane's legendary beer bar Brewski is closing its doors, with the owners citing ever-increasing rent and changing drinking habits for their decision.

Perth's Pioneering Dutch Trading Co To Close

One of the country's leading beer venues is set to close in August. The Dutch Trading Co has been a bastion of all things beer in WA since June 2015, but will be replaced by a new venue with a focus on wine and cocktails as well as beer.

The Mill Brewery Take Over The Bendigo Hotel

In welcome news for both the local beer and live music scenes in Melbourne, Collingwood's The Mill Brewery have announced they're taking over the suburb's legendary The Bendigo Hotel.

Betting On The Beerfarm

Following their purchase of Feral's Perth site, Beerfarm have made it clear they're looking to expand nationally and see more of their beer exported. We chatted with the brewery's directors about their long-held plans for growth.

La Petit Rocher's Belgo-Brisbane Beer

A new project from beer industry legends Ian Watson and Rocky Reed captures the spirit of Belgian brewing, mixes tradition and innovation, and manages to be both fancy and rebellious. It's La Petit Rocher, and it's launching in July.

Local Brewing Family Buys 4 Hearts Brewing

​4 Hearts Brewing and Pumpyard Bar have been bought by the local family behind Stony Creek Brewing. Mick Wüst spoke to those involved about what it means for the longstanding Ipswich operation.

2024 Mid-Year Report – Shift Happens

The first six months of 2024 have been brutal for beer, putting even the turbulence of 2023 in the shade. Here, we take stock, examining where the industry finds itself and where it's heading.

Beer Nuts: Tom Madden

Tom Madden has been a regular sight at beer festivals for years – and now has his own. Ahead of the first Obsidian Dark Beer Festival, Tom tells us how his passion for beer led him to become more than just a drinker.

The Secret Brewer: Voluntary Administration Part II

The people running some of the breweries to have been through voluntary administration over the past 12 months, as well as the CEO of the IBA, respond to concerns raised by The Secret Brewer.

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WA's Brew Moon Rises Again

A unique COVID era collab between 21 breweries and a distillery in WA has borne fruit for a second time. Four years after dozens of kegs were turned into a fundraising spirit, Brew Moon Rising reappears as a whiskey.

The Secret Brewer: Voluntary Administration

Voluntary administrations have become a defining feature of the beer world over the past two years in the face of unprecedented economic challenges. Here, one brewer discusses the repercussions on the wider industry.

Down The Barrel Hole With Fox Friday

Winter's chill makes it a perfect time to enjoy barrel-aged beers. Ahead of Fox Friday releasing beers from their first ever foray into this field, we spoke to the team – no strangers to working with oak – about their approach.

Great Ocean Road Brewing Expand Into Former Sou'West Site In Torquay

Great Ocean Road Brewing are taking over the former home of Sou’West Brewery in Torquay, after the latter entered administration in May. Co-founder Matt Shortal about their decision to secure the site and plans for the future.

Hiker To Open Taproom At Former Black Hops Brisbane & Semi-Pro Site

Less than 18 months after opening their Salisbury brewery, Hiker Brewing Co are opening a second location: a brewery and taproom in East Brisbane’s Manilla Street, in the space formerly occupied by Black Hops.

Red Top Brewing’s Bedford Brews

If you ever spot Red Top Brewing Co's truck, you're in for a beer experience with a difference. It's the brainchild of brewer Emily Allsopp, who tells about her passion for beer, brewing and her impressive bar-for-hire.

Margaret River-Based Black Brewing Has Gone Into Administration

Black Brewing Co has entered administration. The Margaret River-based operation, which won Champion WA Brewery at the 2023 Indies, has appointed Avior Consulting and is to close its restaurant on June 15.

Working Title's Hot Climate Coolship

Tradition dictates that coolships should be used to create spontaneously-fermented beers in the cooler months in cool climates. So Working Title decided to give it a go in subtropical Queensland. Judd Owen joined them.

Small Gods; Big Ideas

Small Gods are tiny by name and nature but have caused a stir with their unique approach. Michael Donaldson explores their story and beers, including the 8 Wired collab named Supreme Winner at the New World Beer & Cider Awards.

The Future Of Black Hops

After being saved from liquidation by a group of new and existing shareholders, the new owners of Black Hops appointed industry veteran Nick Boots as CEO. We spoke to the Gold Coast operation's new boss about their plans.

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Holgate at 25
Who Brews At Buddy Brewing?

Joining with others to "fight the greater evil," converting locals to malt-driven beers, and adding Carolina Reaper chillies, coffee and caramel to an ESB. Meet Buddy Brewing: more than friends... they're family.

Lager Rules As Finlay's Win Champion Beer At Perth Royal Beer Awards

Finlay's Brewing, a small brewery in Kalbarri – almost 600km north of Perth – have won Champion Beer at the 2024 Perth Royal Beer Awards. Rocky Ridge, Otherside and Margaret River Beer Co claimed the brewery trophies.

Lion Set To Close Malt Shovel Brewery

Lion is set to close the Malt Shovel Brewery in Sydney's Inner West in August. The decision spells an end to nearly four decades of brewing on the site, the birthplace of Hahn Brewery and the James Squire range of beers.

BentSpoke: Ten Lessons From Ten Years

BentSpoke Brewing are celebrating ten years since their story kicked off but the couple behind it, Richard Watkins and Tracy Margrain, have long been involved in the local beer scene. As they mark the occasion, we caught up with the Canberra brewers so they could teach us all Ten Lessons From Ten Years.

FogHorn Founder Takes Full Control Of Brewery As Mighty Craft Exit Craft

Shawn Sherlock, who built a reputation as one of Australia's finest brewers while at Murray's, has taken full control of FogHorn Brewery almost a decade on from launching the business, with Mighty Craft exiting craft beer.

Range To Close Their Abbotsford Taproom

Range Brewing have today announced they're closing their Melbourne venue. The Abbotsford taproom opened in 2020, and will serve customers for the last time on June 15 as they focus on their Brisbane operations.

Rocky Ridge Buy Thunder Road

More great news for beer fans as we can reveal Rocky Ridge have bought Thunder Road. The WA brewers plan to reopen the Brunswick venue in late July and will start brewing for the East Coast prior to that.

Perth's DTC Crew Launch Fallow – Complete With 100-Beer Cellar

While gloom continues to consume much of the beer world, there's been a run of upbeat news out of WA. And that's set to continue with the launch of Fallow, a multi-level Northbridge venue from The Dutch Trading Co team.

Crafty Sprawls: The Shoalhaven Region

The Shoalhaven region is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, courtesy of postcard shorelines, rolling hills and wild, untamed bushland. It's also home to plenty of breweries these days too. And we visited them all.

The Story Of: La Sirène Praline

La Sirène's Praline was created as a one-off for GABS but, after winning the People's Choice vote, took on a life of its own. Ahead of the beer's tenth birthday celebrations, the brewery team reflect on a most un-La Sirène beer.

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Bintani- Updated Behind The Brew- E
The Riverland Brewer & Publican Rewinding Time To Make A Beer From 1859

What does a 165-year-old beer taste like? That's the mission the teams at the Overland Corner Hotel and Woolshed Brewery set themselves in recreating the first beer ever to pour at the iconic Riverland pub.

Can Beer Help Regenerate The Planet?

Regenerative farming and the grain grown by such methods have been gaining more attention in recent years. Now, the Good Grain initiative aims to raise awareness and support for both much further, with beer as the vehicle.

Nail And Beerfarm Buy Feral And Their Brewery From Coke

There's been another big move in WA beer today with the announcement that Feral Brewing and their production facility have been sold by CCEP to Nail Brewing (and a consortium of investors) and Beerfarm.

Pint of Origin 2024 Consumer Survey

Pint of Origin 2024 is in the bag. Before we start looking ahead to the next one, we'd love to hear from those of you who took part: What did you enjoy the most? Did you grab a Passport? What could we do better in the future?

Bailey Brewing Head South West With Purchase Of Clancy's

More movement in WA's beer scene with Bailey Brewing Co taking over the former Clancy's Dunsborough site and joining the brewing scene in the Margaret River region – just one of two new venues for the Swan Valley team.

Stone & Wood Win Big At The Australian International Beer Awards

Stone & Wood's Hinterland Big Pale won Champion Australian Beer at the 2024 Australian International Beer Awards on a night when Brick Lane, KAIJU!, King Road and Dollar Bill picked up the Champion Australian Brewery titles.

Time For Some PoOsitivity

Pint of Origin 2024 is set to enter its final weekend after enjoying a sparkling opening so, to get attendees into the mood for more, we've rounded some of the best clips from when the festival hit the major networks.

Temple Brewing To Close

Temple Brewing have announced they will close their Brunswick East brewpub from May 19 with the brewery to cease operating. The news comes a week after fellow Melbourne brewery Deeds announced they were closing.

Black Hops Brewing Bought By New Owners

Black Hops have been bought by a consortium representing a number of existing shareholders and "other supporters of craft beer and independent breweries". The business had been in administration since late March.

Changing The World One Bag Of Regen Malt At A Time

“We wanted to use beer as a catalyst for change.” We examine how one ingredient – malt made from regeneratively grown barley – can make all the difference, and why Stone & Wood are so eager to showcase it to punters and brewers.