What is The Crafty Pint

The Crafty Pint is Australia's leading beer site, visited by more than twice as many people as any other beer news source in the country. It was born out of a desire to provide coverage of the craft beer revolution that was sweeping Australia. The aim was to do justice to the efforts of the men and women changing the country's drinking habits and give them and their supporters a voice that they were lacking at a time when most media – and indeed most Australians – ignored craft beer or dismissed it as a fad.

Since launching in September 2010, it has played a role in driving the growth of the Australian craft beer industry. Day in, day out, the site has been telling readers who's brewing what and where to find both the breweries and their beer. It showcases the bars and bottleshops who are throwing their weight behind better beers. And it is packed with updates on the latest one-off specialty beers and all the best beer-related events the country has to offer as well as original writing on beer from both sides of the bar.

The Crafty Pint team, which now includes close to 20 contributors from across the country, is also involved in running events – big, small and unique – while the site's creator is a founder of Good Beer Week and was its festival director until June 2015 when he stepped down to focus on this site and a growing family. He has also written two beer books, 150 Great Australian Beers - Your Guide to Craft Beer and Beyond, and The Great Australian Beer Guide, released nationwide in August 2016.

The site is totally independent and, unlike much of the online media in existence today, refuses to run native advertising or sponsored content within its editorial section. There is a distinct division: the directory pages are paid for by businesses that choose to support the site and help keep it running, but all News, Features and beer write ups are done the old-fashioned way: written because they have editorial value for readers not because someone has paid us to write them.

We launched a subscription service at Christmas 2015 too. The Crafty Cabal is a way of readers who love what we do supporting us financially and in return getting $1000s of benefits in return: free beer, merch and more at supportive venues and breweries across Australia, invites to exclusive events, VIP festival packages and much more.

We take great delight in our mission to put class in your glass and hope we are doing justice to the wonderful way in which Australian beer culture is, at long last, becoming cultured.

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