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Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Wednesday 20 August 2014

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19 August

Little Emerson

Other than play around with its younger sibling, White Rabbit, when creating the Little Rabbit beer for the 2012 Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular, Little Creatures has kept its brewing mitts to itself. Yet a few weeks ago, we heard there were plans for a collaboration with another brewer, one that the staff at the brewery were excited about but keeping close to their chest.

“Who could it be?” we wondered. And when the answer was revealed it was one that made perfect sense: the Challenge was to feature...

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14.08.14: All Aboard For Beerland

Who wouldn’t want to go to Beerland? Aside from the fact that it just sounds so damn appealing, it’s also conveniently located ...

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13.08.14: Coopers Collaborates

Yesterday, Coopers brewed a pale ale.

“So what?” you may ask, with good reason. “They must brew heaps of the stuff every week.”


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12.08.14: Awards On The Move

The organisers of the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) have announced a new format for next year’s competition as...

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The Pondering Pint: Rating Beers

The other day, an email arrived about a new beer that was the result of a collaboration between breweries. There were two...

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Australia's Craft Beer Festivals

As you clasp your hands around a goblet of imperial stout and beg for it to waste no time in warming you from the inside, the w...

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Getting Blind With Crafty: Porter

After a six-month hiatus instigated by a combination of incapacitation at Crafty Towers, a disgusting workload and then the...

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Nail Brew Log Collection #4 Red Ale

Having become increasingly convinced that Nail’s founder John Stallwood is Australia’s maestro of malt on the back of staggeringly consistently high quality releases such as his Oatmeal Stout, Hugh…

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