Beers of 2014: Western Australia

by Crafty Pint December 18 2014

What were the best new beers of 2014 in WA? We asked Pia "girl plus beer" Poynton, who also masquerades as Crafty Pint WA to select her 10 top tipples.

Beers of 2014: Tasmania

by Crafty Pint December 16 2014

Who brewed the best new beers in Tasmania in 2014? We asked beer expert and owner of Saint John Craft Beer, Luke Dempsey. to pick his top ten local brews.

Do The Can-Can

by Crafty Pint December 12 2014

The cans keep on coming. A couple of weeks ago, we reported on the launch of the first canned beer from WA's Colonial Brewing and now we've been lucky enough to get our hands on the four tinnies from Brisbane's Green Beacon and spoken to Young Henrys about their imminent cans too, cans that are bein…

The Beer Necessities

by Crafty Pint December 10 2014

There's no doubt this weekend's Meredith Music Festival will, in one sense at least, be like none of the 23 preceding Meredith Music Festivals. In the not too distant past, those who made beer their tipple of choice would have little option but to rock up with slabs of macro lager, cheap Euro pilsne…

Brewed Nude In Brisbane

by Darren Magin December 9 2014

Posing naked for a calendar may not feature highly on everybody's bucket list, but it seems that Brisbane's craft beer community just can't help themselves.Following the huge success of the 2014 Males With Ales calendar, a venture kickstarted by Brisbane's Chicks With Ales all women beer appreciatio…

Up On The Hill

by Crafty Pint December 3 2014

The story of Hargreaves Hill is one of the best known and most frequently referenced in Australia. It's the small Yarra Valley brewery that opened to give visitors to the wine region an alternative, established by a classically trained pianist and an opera singer. It's the brewery that was burnt to …

Clean Bowled

by Crafty Pint December 2 2014

Back before The Crafty Pint existed – back when it was a mere idea going by the name The Wobbly Boot (dodged a bullet there) – we presented our case to the Victorian Association of Microbreweries in the hope of mustering their support. The final line of the presentation we left with them paraphr…

Local Beer For Local People

by Matt Carty November 28 2014

Late last year, when compiling the list that would become 150 Great Australian Beers, we put a shout out to any Australian breweries who had packaged product we may never have come across before. One of those to respond was Rehn Bier, a tiny operation in South Australia. They sent in three beers wit…

Colonial Can Do It

by Crafty Pint November 27 2014

If you like cheesy word play and canned local beer then you're going to like this article because it's got both in spades.Recently Margaret River's Colonial Brewing welcomed a new member to their brewhouse family, a shiny new canning line."It's kinda like a first date: you don't know which way it's …

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