Colonial Can Do It

by Crafty Pint November 27 2014

If you like cheesy word play and canned local beer then you're going to like this article because it's got both in spades.Recently Margaret River's Colonial Brewing welcomed a new member to their brewhouse family, a shiny new canning line."It's kinda like a first date: you don't know which way it's …

More Aussie Craft Beer Goodness

by Crafty Pint November 24 2014

We usually do one of these roundup articles once we've added another nine breweries and venues to our craft beer directories as nine makes for a nice beery montage image. This time around, however, it seems we've been more efficient than we realised and have already added another dozen since the las…

Two Decades of Bootlegging

by Crafty Pint November 22 2014

The other day, a young dad was drinking beer at Bootleg Brewery while his child made full use of the playground. Almost two decades earlier, as a 10-year-old, he had been the kid in the playground while his dad enjoyed a brew or two.As Margaret River's original microbrewery celebrates its 20th birth…

Gourmet Brew

by Max Brearley November 20 2014

While most of the promotional focus surrounding the Margaret River Gourmet Escape has been on the stellar names they've attracted to WA for this weekend's event, there's a solid showing for the region's brewers too, not least in the form of a brewer-chef hook up.

The Little Brewery That Can

by Crafty Pint November 17 2014

A few days ago, Matt Bebe had a moment. A little over four years ago, he was working as an HR manager. And now here he was packaging cans of IPA bearing his brewery's name – the first Aussie IPA to appear in a can, no less – while over his shoulders stood the shiny tanks of Mornington Peninsula …

Cold Hard Facts?

by Crafty Pint November 14 2014

It would seem that the phrase "craft beer" has been deemed clickbait worthy by editors in the media in the past year. Where once you'd struggle to find any coverage of beer anywhere in the Australian mainstream, now you'll find several articles a week. This week has been no different, whether it's B…

White Rabbit's On The Hop

by Crafty Pint November 13 2014

Little Creatures' little sibling is to leave its warren in Healesville and move to a new home in Geelong. Lion is to build a new dedicated White Rabbit brewery in one of the currently vacant buildings at its Little Creatures Geelong site, where Dark Ale production had previously been moved, and will…

Matilda Bay To Close

by Crafty Pint November 13 2014

Matilda Bay's Port Melbourne home is to close. The decision to cease brewing operations and close the brewery bar at the Bertie Street site was announced to staff on Thursday morning (13/11). Both will close by March 2015. The announcement comes hot on the heels of the confirmation that Lion is to c…

Getting Reddy For Summer

by Crafty Pint November 11 2014

Back when The Crafty Pint started up four years ago, Scott Wilson-Browne was something of a lone duck in the world of Australian craft beer. Sure, Richard Watkins was having fun in the underbelly of Canberra's Wig & Pen and David Hollyoak was offering up his frequently Willy Wonka-inspired beers…

Willy Beer Fest 2014

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