Upcoming Events

Having thrown one heck of a crafty party in March 2014, the team behind Brewsvegas is back for more beery, Brisbane shenanigans. The week of events celebrating the city's fast-growing beer scene returns from March 21 to 28. The festival was created by a passionate group of bar owners ···

Sat Mar 21

The team at 4 Pines has turned into a bunch of bastards. That is to say, they've brewed a bunch of bastards. For their biggest Keller Door series release yet, the Northern Beaches brewer has paid homage to the much loved pale ale in all its historical glory, brewing six ···

Tue Mar 24


Front of House Staff Wanted at Prancing Pony

As we've been documenting regularly on this site recently, SA beer is on the rise with Prancing Pony ···

Work At Bright's Brewery Bar

Bright Brewery has one of the most impressive bar, cellar door and restaurant setups in the country and ···

Bring Classic Craft Beers to South Australia

You may remember reading about a new South Australian brewery called Little Bang in our Who Brews...? ···