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The Cicerone programme is the world's leading beer training course, offering a wide range of respected courses and qualifications to people working in and around the beer industry.Its founder, Ray Daniels, is in Melbourne on Monday where he'll be hosting a meet and greet at The Local ···

Mon Aug 31

They've been taking their beer lineup in an ever craftier direction at Fancy Hank's in recent months.As if to prove a point, they're now launching what they hope will be the first of many collaborations with friends in the local beer world.Staff from the BBQ joint off the Queen Vic ···

Thu Sep 3


Assistant Brewer Wanted for Fast Growing Public Brewery

The Public Brewery has been a rip-roaring success since opening its doors in Croydon, attracting big ···

Help Green Beacon Grow

Green Beacon has been one of the driving forces behind the growth of craft beer in Brisbane.They're also ···

Brand Ambassador Required for Bridge Road & Better Beer

Bridge Road Brewers and Better Beer Imports have long worked together and now they're teaming up to combine ···