Upcoming Events

For the past two years, Carwyn Cellars has put on an event called Midnight Sour and, even amongst the many big events they host, it's proven to be the most popular with staff and punters.  How it works is that on a chosen day they will tap a different sour beer, every hour, on the ···


Need a hop hit on Australia Day (and its Eve if you can't wait that long)? Then look no further than The Noble Hops which is eschewing the notion of a balanced tap list by loading every one of theirs with an IPA.  The method behind the madness is to have a crack at picking out ···



Clare Valley Looking For New Senior Brewer

Clare Valley Brewing Co in the heart of South Australia's wine region has been tempting peoples' palates ···

Brisbane Brewer Needed For New Brewery

The Brisbane brewing scene is one of the most vibrant in the country, and more people are starting to ···

Brew For Stone & Wood

Stone & Wood is a regular employer in craft beer, opening up the doors for potential brewers of ···