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After selling out the Winter edition, Rocks Brewing is bringing its big beergustation back for a Spring outing.  In a nutshell it's six courses paired with six beers, all enjoyed in the shadow of the tanks in which they were created. More specifically it's an evening guided ···

Wed Sep 28 2016

Fancy taking a trip around the beer world, sipping on some of the finest brews to be found in this fair land, with experts on hand to guide your every step and plenty of good company to keep you entertained? Why, of course you do! And that's pretty well what you get with the Ale Stars ···

Wed Sep 28 2016


Run a Craft Beer Store in Adelaide

The Palais Craft Beer Showroom was established by the team behind Palais Imports (now Palais Distribution) ···

Represent some of the world's best brewers in Melbourne

You may not have heard of Phoenix Beers but the chances are you'll have enjoyed beers they've brought ···

Sales Rep For New Sydney Brewery

Inner Sydney is becoming quite the hot spot for good beer, and another brewery is hoping to open there ···