Events Fermentis Academy Free Brewing Webinars

Fermentis Academy Free Brewing Webinars
5pm 14 Jul, 2020 to 6:30pm 16 Jul, 2020

For all its very many downsides, that damn virus has at times brought out some positives. For one, it's been a reminder of what a bloody saviour the online world can be. 

When breweries closed, we shopped online to keep them alive. When pubs closed, we drank virtual beers in our undies. When social distancing made it impossible to meet brewers in person, we zoomed them in their homes and silently judged their interior design. 

Now, with so many of us so much more comfortable navigating a virtual beer world, here's something that'll legitimately help with real world beer problems: Fermentis – a heaps-old specialist in all things related to fermented beverages – is putting a series of brewing information courses online – for free. 

Between July 14 and 16 they've lined up three different 90 minute modules which you're able to log into and enjoy:

Day 1: Extreme beer

  • What are limits in terms of attenuation, gravity, low alcohol, haze, and more
  • How does brewing science come into play?
  • How do you produce extreme beers?

Day 2: Brewing off the track

A session focused on fermentation conditions different to those normally found in brewing textbooks, including:

  • Pitching limits
  • Co-inoculation or fermenting with multiple strains
  • Finishing fermentation in shorter times and fermentation recovery

Day 3: New releases

A demonstration of new Fermentis products to produce different beverages, specifically: 

  • Cider production with a full range of new yeasts
  • Hard seltzer production with Fermentis yeast and nutrients

Each webinar has accompanying theory, research results, shared experiences and a Q&A. 

To register for any or all the sessions, just head here.

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