Events 3 Ravens 18th Birthday Celebration

3 Ravens 18th Birthday Celebration
7:30pm 21 Oct, 2021

Melbourne's oldest independent brewery is turning 18 this year and given it's such a momentous milestone, 3 Ravens have one impressive celebration planned. 

They might not be able to host you inside their brewery thanks to COVID but they've still found a way to bring beer drinkers together in a way that presents its own twists. They've released three beers that are each named after the mythological namesakes of the 3 Ravens brand - Hugin, Munin and Jack - and kept the specifics of each beer a secret (aside from ABV and ingredients). While we don't want to spoil the fun, we can say that Hugin is a homage to the past and holds a certain level of nostalgia, Munin looks to the future and Jack is designed to keep you guessing. 

The undisclosed trio represents different parts of the brewery's story and are available in a selection of packs that include some quintessential Ravens beer and some very special limited edition glassware. 

Each is set to be revealed during a live stream held at 7.30pm on October 21 broadcast through Facebook and on Zoom.

To get your hands on one of the packs, head here and to take part in the livestream, keep an eye on the Ravens' Facebook

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