Events De Vrolijke Boot VIII

De Vrolijke Boot VIII
12:30pm 22 May, 2022

By the time you read this, it may be too late... 

Ever since De Vrolijke Boot (the Merri Boat) was conceived many moons ago as a flagship, show-stopping degustation between Boatrocker and chef Rob Kabboord, of Merricote fame, the annual Good Beer Week event has been a sell-out – sometimes within five minutes of tickets going on sale. 

Needless to say, ahead of the eighth edition, its reputation precedes it.

Should you happen to read this in time, know that they're promising another unique and highly memorable experience that centres around a six course feast where the surprise menu will be paired with something special from Boatrocker's fine back catalogue, be it beer or spirit (or maybe both...). 

With Good Beer Week being on temporary hiatus in 2022 there was no imperative to hold this event, but everyone behind it felt it was too special to put aside. In other words, they themselves enjoy it too damn much to not host it. 

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