Local Brewing's Sustainable Hazy Launch

Thu 14 Sep 6:00pm

Local Brewing's Sustainable Hazy Launch

Ever wondered what happens to all the fresh produce that doesn't get sold at a supermarket when it's close to past its best? Turns out some it is now going into beer. 

The latest move in Local Brewing's 'Surplus' series has seen them working with Coles and their farm suppliers to divert would-be waste into lovely beer. In this case, they've gotten six tonnes of excess white nectarines and more than 900kg of leftover bread, mushed it all together (more or less...) and turned it into a sustainably-minded Hazy Nectarine Pale Ale.

The beer is getting its launch on September 14 at their Clifton Hill home, and if you're one of the first 30 people through the door you'll get a free pot. 

You'll also be able to hear from the brewers about what it take to make a beer like this, and from Aussie food rescue organisation SecondBite about the excellent work they're doing to get perfectly good food directed towards hungry mouths rather than landfill. Indeed, funds on the night will be going to SecondBite, which seems as good a reason as any to raise a glass.