For Sale: BrauKon HopGun


For Sale: BrauKon HopGun

Posted November 5, 2022

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If you're a craft brewer, there's a good chance you use a lot of hops.

If you'd like some help getting all that hoppy goodness into your beers in an efficient manner, Feral have a barely-used HopGun from BrauKon for sale. 

For Sale: BrauKon HopGun

We have a BrauKon HopGun for sale and a full product description can be found here

It was built in 2017, it has only been used twice and then stored away in a warehouse, and is still sitting there now.

The manufacturer recommends maximum hop charge of 100kg. The vessel comes with two candles: course (for T90s) and fine.

The vessel has had some modifications – it now has supports so the vessel can be moved safely using a forklift. And the vessel has some heavy-duty wheels on it so one person can push it around by hand on a flat surface when empty.

If you're interested, email