Help Us Get Blind: Influencer Beers

November 13, 2023, by Crafty Pint

Help Us Get Blind: Influencer Beers

Celebrity-endorsed beer brands are far from a new concept, but here at Crafty Towers we can't recall seeing so many on offer in the thirteen-plus years we've been covering the local beer scene.

Presumably the success of The Inspired Unemployed's joint venture Better Beer has played a role, perhaps we have Balter's rise to become one of the country's most ubiquitous brands to thank too, given they entered the game with four of the country's most famous surfers front and centre. 

Whatever the reason, despite all the gloom surrounding much of the booze and hospo world this year, there's plenty of other bands and brands looking to snaffle a piece of the pie. Even Tradie now have three beers brewed by Brick Lane on sale through Coles Liquor stores.

So, we figured we'd make our last blind tasting panel of the year a little different to most and put influencer beers to the test. Is there taste behind the tie-ins, do any of the beers have personality beyond the personalities? And, if so, which are the best of the bunch?

We've got a pretty long list of brands on our hit list already, but there may well be others we don't yet know about, and that's where you come in. If you've seen any on the market you think fit the bill, let us know and we'll look to include them.

Chances are, given the volume now available, in cases where a brand has multiple beers in its range, we'll just feature their flagship offering or biggest-seller – mid-strength lagers and low carb pale ales, here we come... – but we'll make that call once we've compiled the long list.

You can nominate beer brands in the form below. Please note, we're aiming to include beers launched by or associated with bands, comedians, sports people and so on, that have been brewed under license for them. Those such as Balter or Brewmanity, where the surfers and former Demons captain respectively, have been involved in launching fully-fledged brewing companies – Brewmanity's brewpub in South Melbourne will open in early 2024 – won't feature.

We'll then gather beers and put together an expert panel in the coming weeks.

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