A Peek At Purvis

September 2, 2010, by Crafty Pint

A Peek At Purvis

The boxes are being emptied and the shelves laden with 100s of beers as the team from Purvis Cellars prepares to open the door on its new venture, Purvis Beer. The beer-only store in the heart of Richmond opened on Sunday (05/09). A formal launch will take place in a few weeks.

It adds to Richmond’s status as something of a haven for beery types, what with Melbourne’s original micro, Mountain Goat, tucked away in a warehouse off Burnley Street, across the road from great beer pub, the Royston, and with Slowbeer just over the border in Hawthorn.Purvis-Beer-10

The new store should be easy to spot thanks to the bright green “WE LOVE BEER” sign over the door. Inside, it’s a veritable beer corridor (you’ll see what we mean when you visit). And, according to staff: “There won’t be a VB to be seen. It’s 100% boutique beer.”

Amen to that.

  • Purvis Beer is directly across the road from Richmond Town Hall, in Bridge Road. Keep tabs on the store’s progress through their Twitter feed, which non-Twitterers can access through the Purvis Beer Crafty Pint page.

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