Grand Final - Great Beer

September 25, 2010, by Crafty Pint

Grand Final - Great Beer

Want to know how multi-talented Aussie beer people are? Then check out the Grand Final Breakfast on Channel 7 this morning. At some point, a comedy duo called Elbowskin will perform a song about the game. Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a pint at the Courthouse Hotel in North Melbourne might recognise one half as Ern writes the beer list there, while together they host Comedy Degustation nights (mixing stand up, fine wine and food) at the venue too. Good luck, guys!

For Pies and Saints fans, it’s a pretty big day too. For those heading to a pub to watch it, we’ve been listing a few Crafty Pint venues offering big screen action for a while now. If there’s still seats, Mrs Parma’s has got good priced Grand Ridge beers plus competitions to win the brewery’s new Mirboo Midnight and an overnight trip to the brewery. Then there will be big screens and / or projectors at the Local Taphouse St Kilda and the True South Brewery by the beach in Black Rock – could be a good option if the mercury rises off the field as well as on.

For those wishing to celebrate with something a bit special (or commiserate with the bitterest beers in town), Biero’s first Hopef&*@d takes place with a lineup of crazily hopped beers from around Australia (plus a couple from overseas) on tap. The Royston, Melbourne’s original Aussie craft beer pub will be showing it on the big screen (and maybe hosting The Crafty Pint at some point), while there’s a whopping screen at the Great Northern, in North Carlton, plus 15 awesome beer taps* and lovely staff.

Or, if you’re watching at home or having a barbecue, don’t forget the growlers from Slowbeer (today, Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted) or head to one of Melbourne’s other great bottleshops. Just a few suggestions. Either way, here’s to a great game. And may the best team (from north of the Yarra!) win.

* There’s 16, but we reckon one was for a fusball table!

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