Ale Lovers: Get Pumped!

October 6, 2010, by Crafty Pint

Ale Lovers: Get Pumped!

Anyone who’s visited the UK and toured its pubs will no doubt have enjoyed a pint or two of real ale poured from a traditional beer engine – you know, the sort with the long wooden handle that gives the publican’s arm a workout every time he pulls a pint (not that you’d know if from the average UK publican’s appearance…).

They’re few and far between in Australia – as indeed are Aussie-brewed traditional UK style ales that would be suited to beer engines – but there are a handful, notably two at the Holgate Brewhouse in Woodend, another at the Royston, in Richmond, and one pouring 3 Ravens Brewery beers at the Lambs Go Bar, in Fitzroy.

And now there’s going to be another at the Great Northern, in North Carlton. Due to be installed any day now, it’s being fitted by the Holgate team and is likely to feature beers such as their gold medal winning ESB and the seasonal Nut Brown Ale. It will be tap number 17 in a pretty awesome lineup at the pub, consisting exclusively of homegrown, non-mainstream beers and a handful of imports, none of which are made under license in Australia. If you’ve not been, there’s a beer garden capable of holding 140 people too, perfect if good weather ever arrives…

Best pub steak in Australia

And news just in: the Great Northern has won the Pepperjack Battle of the Steaks for best pub steak in the country, beating off almost 300 competitors. They’ll pick up a $20,000 cheque next week which owner Al Carragher says will be used to take staff on the staff night out to end all staff nights out, with Vanuatu being considered. Now that’s the kind of boss you want.

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