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Baskerville Tavern

152 Haddrill Road
WA 6056

(08) 9296 4657
Open Hours

Thurs to Mon: to late
Kitchen: midday to 8pm

If you’re a WA local or a beer tourist worth their salt who’s spent any time in the state, you’ll have enjoyed a few beers at 152 Haddrill Road in the Swan Valley. For years, it was the home of Feral Brewing; these days, it’s where you’ll find some of Feral’s founders enjoying a new adventure.

Following the closure of the Feral brewpub, Alistair Carragher and his family moved back in, reimagining the brewpub as the Baskerville Tavern. The venue was given a major overhaul – new furniture, more lighting, a new deck, better audio – while switching to a tavern license has allowed them to broaden the offering.

Al brought the template that’s served him so well as the Great Northern Hotel in Melbourne to the Valley. It’s one that aims to – forgive the cliché – ensure there’s something for everyone.

Beer lovers are more than catered for, not least since the Tavern is also the home of Slumdog Brewing, which you can read all about here, and which brews beers on the recommissioned Feral brewery.

The Slumdog beers pouring through many of the 27 taps are only part of the appeal, however, as alongside the range of beers created onsite you’ll find other craft beers – both those from other WA indies and the craft brands of the country’s major brewers – rubbing shoulders with mainstream lagers such as Swanny D. For those not keen on beer, there’s local wines and offerings from local distillers to choose from too.

Food is of the pub grub variety, while one of the biggest beer gardens in a state that’s no stranger to expansive beer gardens ensures there’s plenty of room for parents to let their kids roam. 

If sport is your thing, you’re well looked after too. It’s no accident the Great Northern has become one of Melbourne’s best pubs for sport without feeling in any way like a sports bar, and at The Baskerville Tavern they’ve demonstrated their commitment to the cause with the erection of a 3.5m by 4.5m screen on one of the lawns. 

The rise of Slumdog ensures the venue’s brewing legacy lives on. What the team has added around the brewery and its beers with the Baskerville Tavern ensures it’s more reflective of the Swan Valley of today too.

James Smith

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