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Hargreaves Hill

Released December 9, 2010

ONLY 350 WAX-SEALED, NUMBERED BOTTLES RELEASED. The folks at Hargreaves Hill decided to make a beer to mark the year's anniversary of their return to brewing following the destruction of the original brewery in the Black Saturday fires. And for such a worthy milestone comes a worthy beer - an absolutely monstrous Imperial Red Ale that's likely to turn as many heads as their New World take on the ESB did when it first hit taps. We could bang on about forests of fresh pine, clotted cream toffees, butter biscuits, thick cut Olde English marmalade, deep auburns, mouth-filling creaminess, tingly alcohol warmth and obscene amounts of resiny Simcoe hops. But we won't. All we'll say is there's only 350 individually numbered, wax-sealed 750ml champagne bottles available and you really, really don't want to miss out.

Imperial Red Ale

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