Hargreaves Hill AD

Hargreaves Hill

Released February 3rd, 2011

In keeping with the brewery's philosophy of creating traditional beers comes the return of the Hargreaves Hill Abbey Dubbel, their take on the Trappist style of strong brown ale with its origins in Belgium. Theirs is a faithful recreation, weighing in around 7.5%, that uses a special strain of Westmalle yeast from Belgium. Hargreaves founder Simon Walkenhorst will tell you of "notes of raisin and sarsparilla gracing the palate, which is quite dry and lightly bitter giving a pleasant perception of sweetness". Crafty will tell you we've yet to meet anyone who doesn't rate it, so get it - and savour it - while you can.

Abbey Dubbel
Hargreaves Hill

Factory 60
64-86 Beresford Road
Lilydale 3140

(03) 9730 1905
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