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Hargreaves Hill

Released December 23rd, 2012

The first Phoenix was brewed back in 2010 to mark Hargreaves Hill's return to brewing after the original brewery was destroyed in Victoria's Black Saturday fires. A luxurious Imperial Red Ale that has stood the test of time quite magnificently, as we discovered in a tasting alongside the new batch recently, it has been brought back just in time for Christmas. Once again presented in a number of wax-sealed, limited edition (350) 750ml bottles, it's a beer you can set down for years to come. Alternatively, drunk fresh it's a rich, full-bodied, multifaceted treat that glistens rusty red in the glass and has that soft, velvety mid-palate familiar to many of Hargreaves' beers. As for the wax seals, they're handy for ensuring you only drink The Phoenix at a time when you're going to fully appreciate it as we discovered when pulling our last bottle of 2010 out of the fridge rather too late one night; after 15 minutes chipping away unsuccessfully at the wax, we gave up and went to bed, awaking the next day glad it was still around.

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