Hargreaves Hill Tripel

Hargreaves Hill

Released August 24th, 2015

The expansion of the palette at Hargreaves Hill continues apace. In recent times, they've explored the world of hops with a series of fine single (or occasionally double) batch IPAs while also releasing their first forays into the world of bacteria. The Yarra Valley brewery now has a Belgian-inspired brew doing the rounds in the shape of their Tripel. They've long brewed one of the country's best Belgian dubbels (the AD or Abbey Dubbel) and now it has a stablemate.

The Tripel was the farewell brew by Shane, a brewer who is now plying his trade at Boatrocker, and we're told it's "like a trip to Belgium in a glass". Based upon Shane's award-winning home brew recipes, this strong golden ale features noble European hops, a variety of malted and unmalted grains and a sprinkling of coriander and sweet orange peel.

The brewers describe it thus: "Heady aromas of banana, orange blossom, bubblegum and a tickle of aromatic pepper caress the nose, before a deft, rounded palate of biscuits and baked oats succumbs to a spicy warming finish with subtle hints of vanilla and anise." Sounds delightful!


Carwyn Cellars

Local Taphouse St Kilda

Royal Albert Hotel

Terminus Hotel

Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew, South Yarra

Hargreaves Hill Restaurant, Yarra Glen

Tipplers Tap, Brisbane

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Hargreaves Hill

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