Hawkers & Alchemy Distillers Antifogmatic Beertail

Hawkers Beer

Published November 11, 2019

It's not every day you find three men at your front door, armed with enthusiasm, cans of beer, ice, lemon, a chopping board, knife and broad smiles. But who's going to complain when they're there with the sole purpose of treating you and your wife to a glass of their latest beer-cocktail hybrid?

That was the scene at Crafty Towers last Friday morning as the trio from Hawkers stopped by to tell the tale of how they'd come up with Antifogmatic, a drink they'd conceived with craft distillers Alchemy. Their take on a Shaky Pete is a blend of their Lager, lemon juice, a homemade ginger syrup and gin they suggest is best served over ice with a sprig of fresh thyme. Which is how it was served up on that Friday morning for a drink refreshing enough we could almost pretend it wasn't trying to rain...

For all the additions, it's most definitely still a lager at heart, one in which the other elements come more into play as the ice melts and the glass is drained. Its citrusy nature is the obvious pickup, with the gin and ginger very much on the subtle side, and the overall picture one that demands the addition of sunshine, tennis and a second glass, please, waiters.

James Smith

Watch Hawkers' promo video for the beer here.

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