Hawkers Under The Tropical Sun

Hawkers Beer

Published January 31, 2020

Since rebranding last year, Hawkers have been embracing a new look for their limited release beers, with the Melbourne brewery’s Kettle Sour Series filling beers with fruit and covering cans with bold colours. Following on from the berry-heavy Into The Forest I Go, Under The Tropical Sun is a bright mango and pineapple sour with a pattern that would serve well on a shirt at a music festival.

The beer itself would work well at that festival too, as it’s one that’s light and in which the mango and pineapple flavours mostly bring to mind carbonated tropical juice. As for where it sits on the sourness metre, it’s towards the gentler end – more of a tart finish than anything mouth-puckering.

Will Ziebell

Kettle Sour
Hawkers Beer

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