Hawkers Right On Schedule Hazy IPA

Hawkers Beer

Published March 31, 2020

They might have come late to the hazy party but it would appear the Hawkers brewers took a fancy to what they saw as they've tagged along with their hosts, cleared their diaries (haven't we all) and rocked up to the next one as the doors open, arms laden with another IPA that's even bigger than their first, albeit one that slips down easier.

The reasons for this bigger-in-booze yet easier-to-dispatch one-two punch can presumably be put down to a few things. The sweet-bitter balance leans more heavily in favour of the former. Carbonation is lower, thus presenting the hops (tropical fruit and some fresh cut grass) as juicy and cordial (the liquid, not the English manner) rather than jumpy and 'ave-at-ya! There's a roundedness that might have you wondering if there's lactose at play (it'll be the oats). And the persistent sweetness and hop-derived flavours just about smother the 8.5 percent booze.

The result: dangerous juice for dangerous times.

James Smith

Hazy IPA
Hawkers Beer

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VIC 3073


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