Hawkers Moment Of Clarity & Freedom Units

Hawkers Beer

Published July 8, 2020

Hawkers have two very big releases that are set to keep Melburnians hopped up as we return to our couches. The lighter of the two is Moment of Clarity, which isn’t actually named Jay Z’s track from his seminal The Black Album and instead refers to that moment when a double IPA first hits your lips. Pouring perfectly clear and using the one-two of Citra and Mosaic hops, it packs a punch of pine, resin and a tropical pairing of guava, lychee and lime. As Hawkers have managed well in the past, the 9 percent DIPA is one that sticks with being incredibly lean, dry and drinkable.

From being Late To The Party and releasing their first hazy IPA this year, Hawkers are back exploring that murky world and out with a triple IPA called Freedom Unit. The MAGA cap on the front of the can and blurb on the back allude to America’s supposed love of freedom and even greater love for the bizarre thing that is the imperial system. It provides anything but a moment of clarity and is a hue that even looks a little like Trump, being an opaque yellow and allegedly having 18 inches of a bushel of malt and certainly being 10.5 percent. There is however, no real hit of booze coming off the beer, instead being completely smooth and driven by mango and pineapple.

Will Ziebell

Double IPA & Triple IPA
9.0% & 10.5%
Hawkers Beer

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