Slow Lane Brewing Quake Pale Ale

Slow Lane Brewing

Released October 19, 2020

Returning to Slow Lane’s unorthodox beer lineup is Quake, a pale ale brewed with a strain of Norwegian kveik yeast and Kiwi Nelson Sauvin hops. One of the most prized properties of kveik is the ability to fully ferment a beer in as little as one or two days at temperatures that would usually result in some pretty unpleasant off flavours in most other beer yeasts. So, of course, Slow Lane made sure to keep Quake in tank for a month because why do anything quickly when you can take your time?

One of my favourite things is when a beer subverts expectations in a good way. You get handed a pale ale, hopped with Nelson Sauvin that pours like pineapple juice and you’re hanging out for that big fruit salad aroma, sweet body and low bitterness. Quake, however, comes across much more akin to a saison with yeast esters, pear and white grape on the nose. The palate serves up white pepper, pineapple and an almost bracing bitterness that marries well with the prominent yeast character in one of a few Slow Lane beers you can expect to find on offer year round.

Judd Owen

Kveik Pale
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