Hawkers Cherry-Coconut Birthday Cake

Hawkers Beer

Published February 15, 2022

As a rule, Hawkers have never been a brewery to play to the galleries on socials or pull attention-seeking stunts, instead leaving their beer to do the talking. That said, as the seventh anniversary of the release of their first beer approaches – February 21, if memory serves correctly – they have been getting into the mood, with a few parties at some of their favourite venues and, in the case of Cherry-Coconut Birthday Cake, a seventh birthday beer.

Taking the usual Crafty approach to tasting new releases – sample said beer, make notes, then see what the brewers have said about it – it's fair to say they nailed their brief, at least according to this palate. After all, if you're going to brew a whisky barrel-aged imperial pastry stout with cherries and coconuts, presumably you're going to want drinkers to enjoy an experience along the line of: "desiccated coconut aplenty, cascara, cherry gateaux sweetness, an unexpected banana liqueur edge to the aroma. Melted, viscous chocolate fudge straight to the mainline."

If that doesn't have you prepared for the immense nature of the beer, the fact it lands just shy of 12 percent ABV should provide fair warning. Cake in a can indeed.

James Smith

Whisky Barrel-Aged Cherry & Coconut Imperial Pastry Stout
Hawkers Beer

167 Henty Street
VIC 3073


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