Working Title Conspiracy Theory

Oat Cream IPA
16 IBU

They say the Working Title crew are nutters, but they’re the only ones you can trust when you’re dealing with a beer like this. They’re not conspiracy theorists; it’s not a theory if you can prove it. There’s heaps of evidence. Message me and I’ll link you to a YouTube documentary about it.

This beer’s full of all kinds of ingredients the gummint doesn’t want you to know about. It’s packed with Amarillo, Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Talus – a combination that brings both long wave and short wave flavours. There’s oats, malted oats and flaked oats. There’s lactose. I also suspect it contains fluoride, 5G, and Soylent Green.

It smells like a cartoon fruit platter. Like how monkeys would lay out a buffet if they were in control, which is a very real possibility in the future, and sooner than you think.

It’s almost hard to believe how flavoursome this is. I got a huge wash of ripe pawpaw with a citrus sparkle,* as well as a multi-faceted fruitiness swishing around in a sweet and creamy swirl. There’s a slight bitterness to anchor everything, and the sweetness mellows out in the finish with a soft breadiness.

But you can't forget the fruit explosion. You have to tell people what you've just tasted. The world needs to know.

Mick Wüst

*That’s right - sparkle. Not a smell word, you say? I don’t care. I don’t follow your smell word rules. What are you gonna do about it? Send a black ops team to put a pillowcase over my head and drag me away into the night? I’m not scared. I’m speaking out.

Published June 14, 2023

Working Title Brew Co

85 Doggett Street
QLD 4006

Open Hours

Wed to Thurs: midday to 10pm
Fri to Sun: midday to 11pm

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