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The Bayside Beer Belt has just launched it's third Victorian Beer Region - The Cityside Beer Belt! 

This new belt promises a unique and immersive experience for both locals and visitors with 14 exceptional craft breweries and distilleries nestled in the heart of Inner Melbourne. 

Victoria is fast becoming the Go-To destination in Australia for craft beer & spirits. With 3 craft beer & spirit regions BAYSIDE | CITYSIDE | EASTSIDE (Beer Belts) now mapped out for you to explore, planning a Beercation has never been easier!

Whilst the Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland may currently hold the title of the Craft Beer Capital of Australia, with the highest number of craft breweries (23) per capita, we’re here to shake up the industry…

Victoria will soon be known as Australia’s ‘beercation’ destination for enthusiasts and casual beer drinkers alike.

It all started with Bayside’s unique corridor, dubbed the ‘Bayside Beer Belt’ in mid-2021, which is now a craft community network of 13 local breweries and distilleries, collaborating together to offer immersive and educational beer & spirit tour experiences.

The Eastside Beer Belt followed shortly after, being launched in mid 2023 with 12 breweries & distilleries

Visitors can embark on Hop On Hop Off Brewery & Distillery Tours every Saturday across the three current Beer Belts, providing a convenient and immersive way to explore Victorian breweries and distilleries. Private Tours are also available seven days a week, offering personalized experiences for those looking to delve deeper into the craft beer culture of Melbourne.

Visit our website for more information! See you on the bus. 

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