Bluestone Yeast Co.


Bluestone Yeast Co.

5a Hartnett Close
VIC 3170

(03) 8518 3172

Taking inspiration from the vibrant cultural scene that exists in Melbourne’s bluestone laneways, Bluestone Yeast Co. set out with a desire to innovate, hustle and ultimately create something better than the status quo – and to help Australian brewers do the same along the way.

Since starting out in an innovation centre in Melbourne’s outer east in 2018, Bluestone has flourished and now supplies live liquid yeast to some of the country’s most well-loved craft breweries.

In late 2022, Bluestone expanded its offer with the launch of its 120ml range of live liquid yeast packs that allows savvy home brewers to enjoy the many benefits of brewing with live liquid yeast.

Bluestone Yeast Co. is currently in the process of fitting out a new facility in Coburg to ensure it can continue to supply its ever-expanding clientele.

To view the Bluestone's full range of live liquid yeast strains visit their website:

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