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Forever Shareable

Kegstar, a division of Microstar Logistics, is an extension of your brewery. 

We partner with Australia's best brewers by delivering a more efficient and sustainable keg supply chain. Rather than owning or leasing kegs, brewers share high-quality Kegstar branded kegs. Through this highly circular model, we together dramatically reduce the distance empty kegs travel - taking over 6 million truck kilometres globally off the road. 

We’re focused on what brewers truly value:

  • Quality: We set the quality standard for the industry, globally. If a keg is ever unfit to fill, we pick it up at our cost.
  • Efficiency: Kegstar’s dense network of shareable kegs deliver the lowest total cost of ownership including unparalleled operating efficiencies.
  • Sustainability: By making more efficient use of finite resources, our reusable, shareable pool of kegs are highly circular enabling brewers to achieve their sustainability goals.
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