Never Miss Out on a Good Beer Again

Never Miss Out on a Good Beer Again


With the FREE Crafty Pint

The Crafty Pint app is designed to help beer lovers find good beer when they're out and about.

Rather than replicate the Crafty website, we flipped it on its head and pulled the map and all the info we've created on breweries, venues and bottleshops to the forefront instead.

Open it up and you'll find the nearest breweries and good beer operators staring back at you.

The interactive map features detailed listings for businesses signed up to our directory – including photos, their stories, beers and upcoming events – as well as hundreds of other breweries and venues across Australia, links to heaps of Crafty Pint articles and more.

Members of The Crafty Pint's beer club, The Crafty Cabal, can log in via the app to access hundreds of exclusive deals, giveaways and events too.


Why is my local bar/brewery not on there?

Chances are, we've not heard from them yet. We're always looking for good beer businesses to visit and add to the site and so, if you work at one or want to tell us about your favourites, get in touch.

How do I get my brewery/venue/bottleshop onto the тар?

Again, drop us a line.

How to I report an issue with the app?

If you've noticed an issue - wrong placement of a pin, incorrect opening hours for a venues, missing info, for example - please send us an email so we can rectify the situation. We regularly remind listed businesses to ensure their pages are up to date, but people get busy and some things occasionally slip through.

What does the trippy monk signify in many of the map icons?

This means those venues are running a special deal for members of The Crafty Cabal. This is our beer club: sign up to gain access to heaps of deals, discounts, competitions, giveaways and exclusive events.

Why doesn't the app do ...?

If you've got a great idea for a new feature or enhancement, let us know. This is a fluid beast so we're open to ideas!