Prancing Pony Sensory Degustation (SA)

Wed 26 Jul 6:30pm

Prancing Pony Sensory Degustation (SA)

It's one thing to pair beer well with food. It's another to delve down deep into the sensory elements that make it all come together, and that's what you can get when you join Prancing Pony at La Boca for a five course degustation. 

The resident chef has put together the following menu... 

  • Sunshine Ale with prawn and scallops ceviche, pineapple, tomatoes, lime, red onion and mint leafs
  • Pale Ale with coriander and black pepper crusted tuna loin and confit tomatoes
  • India Red Ale with Stilton infused pork scotch fillet with sweet potato and orange
  • Amber Ale with grilled outside skirt and celeriac puree
  • Black Ale with flourless chocolate cake, warm chocolate chilli and cardamom mousse

... but the event will also feature a sensory expert in Dr. Sue Bastin who'll be breaking down the various elements to help you digest and discover just what all this stuff is really made of. 

Tickets are $65 and can be booked here