Events Pink Boots Community Brew Day at Rogue Wave (VIC)

Pink Boots Community Brew Day at Rogue Wave (VIC)
10am 18 Nov 2017

Join the wonderful pink-booted women of the beer world as they continue their campaign to educate and raise the profile of females working in the beer industry. 

This latest event is a community brew day to be held at Rogue Wave in Aireys Inlet. Led by brewer Brittany Aikman, you'll join beer loving ladies from the Geelong and Surf Coast regions to create an IPA brewed with hop hash.

That means learning about beer and the brewing process from start to finish, focusing on the ingredients and how to use them (in this instance with a particular focus on the hop hash), feeding spent grain to horses, being part of the Pink Boots Society and the all important task of naming the beer. And you dare say there'll be time to enjoy a few beers along the way. 

Things kick off at about 10am and run through until mid afternoon. Entry is free but you're advised to register here in advance so they've got an idea of numbers. 

If you can't get to the brew day, look out for the handful of kegs expected to make it to supporting venues in Geelong and Melbourne post-event. 

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