Events Euro Blind Tasting At Beer Deluxe Hawthorn (VIC)

Euro Blind Tasting At Beer Deluxe Hawthorn (VIC)
May 17th 2018, 19:00

No matter how many times you've tasted a particular beer, there's nothing quite like trying one blind.

Without the help of a label or brand to guide you, tasting becomes a more stripped back experience with only the flavours, aromas and texture able to speak for themselves.

It's why we regularly host Crafty Pint blind tasting sessions and it's also why Beer DeLuxe Hawthorn is doing just that during Good Beer Week.

The venue, which is hosting Continental Europe's brewers as part of Pint of Origin, will showcase eight styles of European craft beers and is asking you to do the work describing what they are. Make sure you bring all your mates too – if only to copy their answers.

Tickets each $75 each and include all beers plus food matched to each course.



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