Nomad's "I Remember My First Check-In" Untappd Beer Launch (NSW)

Fri 23 Oct 4:00pm

Nomad's "I Remember My First Check-In" Untappd Beer Launch (NSW)

It's been ten years since the Untappd app began melding the new addiction of online social networking with the more classic addictions of drinking booze and oneupmanship. 

And regardless of whether or not you personally love it for its ability to bring beer drinkers together or loathe it because your drinking buddies are too busy earning badges to have a conversation, there's little doubt the app has become an important companion to scores of people across the beer world. 

To celebrate the milestone, the social network has put out a call for brewers around the world to brew "I Remember My First Check-In”, which is based on a recipe created by US brewery Dogfish Head with the intention of showcasing local producers all along the brewing chain.  

Given their historical ties to Dogfish Head, Sydney's Nomad have jumped on board with an Aussie take on the recipe, riffing on their Freshie gose, which will this time feature seawater, seaweed, lemon myrtle and dragon fruit. 

If you'd like to join them – not to mention be first to check in a new beer on Untappd – just head to the Brookvale brewery on October 23. 

Photo at top shows the first Nomad beer you would have been able to check in on Untappd (circa 2014): the much missed Long Trip Saison. RIP.