Events The Great Race with Mountain Culture and Blackhearts & Sparrows

The Great Race with Mountain Culture and Blackhearts & Sparrows
6pm 25 May, 2022

You could argue that in the old fable of The Tortoise and The Hare there's far too much focus on winners, losers and moral lessons. The really important part is what happened post-race, when all the creatures got together, had a few laughs about all the bravado and for-the-ages strategic blunders they'd just witnessed and just shared some beers. 

It's in that spirit of togetherness that we can look forward to celebrating the arrival of not one but two collaborative beers from the legends at Mountain Culture and Blackhearts & Sparrows.

The first is The Tortoise – a Helles Lager – and the second is (you guessed it!) The Hare – an NZ Hazy Pale Ale – and both will be launched at an event at Perry's: A Refreshment Club on May 25. 

In the spirit of the story, the event will feature plenty of arcade games so you can get as competitive as you feel you need. Or you can just skip to the post-match celebrations which will feature a full lineup of rare and exclusive Mountain Culture beers – including a mystery keg to put your tastebuds to the test. And in a real rarity, the brewers themselves will even be there in person to have a chat and share a few stories. 

You can join them at Perry's from 6pm. Tickets are available here.

Fermentis GR-8 D
FB Propak B


Kaiju Pleazure Kruze- C
FB Propak B
Goat Blood Orange
Bright Lager