25 Years Of Goat Beers

Sat 8 Oct 4:00pm

25 Years Of Goat Beers

In 1997, a couple of guys called Cam and Dave opened a brewery in Richmond called Mountain Goat

You might not have noticed it at the time – busy as you will have been cleaning the smudges off your OK Computer CD, sinking into the sofa for a double-VHS Titanic marathon, or cracking the spine of a new book about some magic kid called Harry Potter – but a legend had been born. Heck, given this all happened a quarter of a century later, you may not even have been born.

Regardless, 25 years later, Mountain Goat is an icon of the Aussie beer world. And darned if they aren't going to celebrate that fact.  

If you'd like to join them to raise a glass to another milestone conquered, they're having a party at their Richmond home on October 8.

It'll feature plenty of old favourites, some new releases, hopped gin cocktails and food from The BAO Project.

And yes, they'll be cranking the 90s tunes loooong into the night.

The fun starts at 4pm.

Fancy a Goat refresher? Revisit our in-depth feature on Mountain Goat published on the occasion of their 20th birthday.

Crafty Cabal Member offer at Mountain Goat (CUB/Asahi): Try All Mountain Goat New Releases!