Crime Spree Weekend at CoConspirators

Fri 9 Feb 12:00pm to 11 Feb

Crime Spree Weekend at CoConspirators

There are a couple of new suspects in the CoConspirators lineup, and to celebrate that fact they're having a weekend-long launch party. 

The Mini Matriarch (session hazy IPA) and Usual Suspect (peach sour) will be on tap for the first time at the Brunswick brewpub on February 9 and you'll be able to get nicely acquainted with them for just $10 a pint across the whole weekend – plus they'll have both beers packaged and ready for takeaways too.  

And for a tasty bonus, as part of their summer residency, Señor BBQ will be in the house, minding the fire and cooking up Argentinian-style meaty treats – not to mention a rotating lineup of vego and vegan options. They'll be on the tools from midday to close, all weekend long. 

Special Event Types: Cabal Cabal Crafty Pint Industry